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Chandler Jay is a Piano Based Singer-Songwriter from Australia who brings his stories to life through music. Chandler continues to capture the hearts of audiences of all ages with his powerhouse performances that showcase his diverse musical influences from Elton John to Keith Urban.

With an impressive track record of playing at venues, events and festivals across Australia, including the renowned Brisbane Festival and Melbourne's Moomba Festival, Chandler is a seasoned performer with an unmatched stage presence. Notably, he holds a Diploma of Arts in Music from the prestigious Australian College of the Arts, where at the age of 17, he became the youngest student ever to be accepted into the program.  ​

Chandler has been mentored by Tim Watson and Tim Wild (Taxi Ride), Clio Renner (Rock Wiz), Keppie Coutts (mentored by John Mayer), Pat Pattison (Professor at Berklee College of Music) and he has worked with Dean Gordon (Sheppard) and Lee Novak (Savage Garden) on his Debut Album.

Chandler continues to develop his piano skills with help from his mentor Adam Rudegeair (who has recorded with Dr Matt Fink (Prince and the Revolution) and who also taught piano to Paul Kelly in the lead-up to Paul’s 2017 album ‘Life is Fine’).

With several successful singles like 'Skeletons', 'You Always Told Me', and 'One For Me', Chandler continues to push boundaries and refine his signature sound, incorporating exciting elements like electric piano and keyboard sounds to create an unforgettable listening experience.

At the end of 2023, Chandler released his Debut Album, 'Growing Pains' which was a labour of love, reflecting on his personal growth, experiences, and emotions over the past few years. 'Growing Pains' was produced at Megaphone Studios by Isaac Kennedy who is currently touring with Australian Country Music legends Adam Brand & Lee Kernaghan. Isaac is known for his tasteful fusion of country twang and blistering rock guitar which can be heard throughout Chandler's Debut Album. 

Chandler Jay's performances are pure magic and his unique vocal tones and piano skillset have been compared to that of Tim Freedman from The Whitlams.

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